This gets us going

We love what we do. But we’re pretty crazy about all kinds of other things too. Check out what we read, play, and talk about right now (aside from our jobs and families, of course).

We're listening to

  • Pop
  • Mads og monopolet
  • Progressive psytrance & Goa
  • Hot Chip + LCD Sound System

We're reading

  • Crime novels
  • Raymond Chandler – Marlowe
  • Michael Krantz
  • Selma Lagerlöf

We're watching

  • Bedrag
  • Dare Devil
  • Making a Murderer (watch it!)
  • Misfits

We're interested in

  • Making the coolest Schantz for the future
  • NFL
  • Creating a cool Data Warehouse
  • PS4 + children