Taking over the world

Even though we prefer to stay grounded, our ambitions are sky-high. With massive growth over the last 15 years, Keylane is now a firmly established industry leader in Europe. And since Denmark and the Netherlands, according to the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index, has the world’s most advanced pension system in the World – and because Scandinavia is generally far ahead in terms of IT – we like to think that our systems can make a big difference in the rest of the world.

At Keylane , we are humble people – so we are not dreaming of world domination. On the other hand, though, we believe most pension customers around the world will be better off being serviced by our systems. We’re actually well under way. So far, we have worked on projects all around the world. If you are longing to go abroad or just dreaming of great adventures under foreign skies, we have the right challenges for you too. The only thing we require is excellent competencies and a true passion about changing the insurance and pension industry for good. Then we will make your skills just as sought-after as our IT-systems all over the world.

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