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Here are answers to some of the most frequent questions we get.

For further questions please contact HR Recruitment Specialist Mette Sønderskov at +45 5370 2073.

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We are looking for almost every imaginable profile – from IT-developers, testers, business developers and analysts to financial mathematicians, actuaries, project managers and managers in general – as long as you are the best. Most importantly, we are looking for people, who are very, very good at what they do, passionate about their fields and fit with our way of working. If you read the sections “how we work” and “profiles”, you will get an even better idea about whether Keylane is the right fit for you – and you are the perfect choice for us.

Of course. Sure, we are looking for special qualities and competences. However, if you are skilled and can help bring Keylane closer to our goals, we can also find a spot on the team for you.

Yes – if you have something unique to contribute, we have a place for you. The most important thing is that you have the will to succeed and a fresh new view on things, which can bring our customers closer to their goals.

We save your resume for 6 months, unless you explicitly ask us to delete it earlier. However, please bear in mind that Keylane is growing rapidly at the moment, so it is by no means unlikely that we may call you sometime in the future, if your particular set of skills is suddenly in demand!

Usually, we are quite quick to respond. However, it’s important that the process is good for both of us, therefore we make sure that your application is handled by the people you will actually be working for and with. The same applies to interviews, if we get that far. We also take the necessary time for both parties to make the right decisions. Even if it takes another interview to get to the heart of things. When we ask you to do your best, naturally we must do the same. Sometimes that takes time.

We would love to show you Keylane. We have busy schedules, so we’d love to talk and see if we match each other first, but afterwards we’ll be happy to show off our offices. Send us your resume and let’s take a quick and informal talk over the phone. Then, you are welcome to come check us out before the actual interview, if you’d like that.