Guarding the fortunes of 200.000 Danes

The financial future of more than 200,000 Danes lies in our hands, as we’re merging the dusty old IT-systems into a new and joint counselling and IT-solution for one of the most important players in the Danish pensions industry. It’s a huge responsibility in itself – but our ambitions go even further. The new system will manage more or less the entire backbone of the company’s business transactions – including the management of the company’s information processing and calculation systems and linking this to the new, intuitive user interfaces. At the same time, the new solution will streamline the company’s administrative procedures in order to make the employees more effective and provide an even better service to the end-customers. While we’re on to a great start, we are still missing a couple of competent hands to make a strong team even stronger. So if you have the right set of skills (and don’t flinch at the thought of holding the future of 200,000 Danes in your hands), you may be just the one we need. If you love complicated tasks, write to us right now.

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