Better, faster, smarter – and on time

Our customers are neither unreasonable nor demanding. They just want their old systems to be upgraded, so they become standardized and flexible, faster, smarter, and better. Oh yeah – and of course delivered on time, effective to operate and with even smarter calculation models and new intelligent features to make their customer service better: After all, this is all about the end-customers.

At Keylane, we thrive on such complicated challenges. First, we convert the information from the customers’ old legacy systems into our standard solution in order to save them the costs of operating two systems. Then we proceed with the three things that really make a difference:

We run our advanced mathematical models, which predict the likelihood and consequences for every possible future scenario, while simultaneously providing specialist insights about e.g. accounting and risk management. We then turn focus to the front-end systems of the company, which provide direct access to data for the customer advisors, allowing them to give the pension customers the best possible advice.

And finally, we look at the front-end systems towards the end-customers, making their overview and understanding of their pensions easy-peasy. If you can facilitate a value-adding dialogue with customers, and live up to their (in our opinion) reasonable demands, we need you!

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