Advising on the finance of the future

We operate in a hectic world. Every day, financial institutions strive to increase effectivity and save time, while constantly improving and adapting to the changing regulatory demands. Keylane’s vision is to develop the financial planning solutions of the future, which make the economic processes simple, easy and innovative, so our clients – banks, insurance companies and pension scheme providers – can provide better, faster and more accurate wealth counseling to their customers via our innovative financial planning solutions.

The reason why Keylane stands out from the competition and continues to win market shares and add new clients across the Nordic region, is our way of solving the business headaches of the financial sector. We always have mixed teams consisting of financial experts – bankers, investment gurus, insurance brokers and pension scheme managers, who have worked in the industry, so they know and understand the pains and day-to-day lives of our clients – and IT and math experts, who excel in building extremely complicated calculation engines, coding a diverse backend and designing simple and usable frontends.

We are one of the leading IT provider in the Nordics in this arena, representing more than 55 financial institutions, and we experience tremendous growth. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for new talents like you to join us on this exciting journey. Are you an experienced financial expert or specialist in pensions looking to apply your trade in a new fashion and help the sector become smarter, more agile and facilitate change, we would love to meet you. Or, if you are a skilled mathematical genius or data wizard, and you can think of nothing better than creating super complex calculation engines and building innovative solutions from scratch to help transform a whole industry, we will invite you in for a cup of coffee or tea any day.

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